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School – and what next? At JUBA you can obtain information on all the topics relating to school, apprenticeships, studies and on all aspects of your future professional career. Are you wondering if you should continue your education or embark on an apprenticeship? What is best for you? What support options do you have?

Do you want to talk about the school leaving certificate, or finding the right apprenticeship and how to write applications? Or perhaps you have issues around dropping out of school, an apprenticeship or studies? Regardless of the issue, we can provide information. Don’t worry if plan A doesn’t work out, because there are so many other options! We will find the right solution together and can help you plan your future professional career.

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JUBA Jugendberufsagentur für die Stadt Heilbronn
Rosenbergstraße 50,
74074 Heilbronn

E-Mail: info@deine-juba-hn.de
Tel.: 07131 969-777

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