Information for parents, professionals and network partners

Information for parents

The personal and professional development of your own child can be a source of deep concern for parents. This is completely understandable! In view of this level of worry and anxiety you may ask yourself: “How can I support my child as they enter the world of work? My child doesn’t want to attend school, what can I do? My child is changing so quickly, I hardly recognise them… ”

The time in life when you are finding out about yourself and your path in life can be as stressful for parents as it is for their children. How can you develop a deeper understanding for each other?

There is no one answer or solution to all these questions, and an individual approach is essential to gain a precise assessment of the situation. Do you require information about offers of assistance? You will find various options here:

You are also welcome to contact JUBA and we will work with you to find the right support for you and your child.

Information for professionals and network partners

JUBA (the youth employment agency) for the city of Heilbronn is a cooperative programme between the Heilbronn employment agency, the Heilbronn city job center and the city of Heilbronn itself.
The aim is to offer young people holistic care under one roof and to avoid duplicate structures. The following departments are located at JUBA:

  • Career advice from the employment agency
  • Job placement from the job center
  • Youth counselling from the city of Heilbronn
  • Integration management for refugees from the city of Heilbronn
  • Education office of the city of Heilbronn

Would you like a professional overview of the JUBA portfolio? Have a look at the overview

Contact now!

Do you have any questions or would you like to cooperate with JUBA? We look forward to hearing from you! The larger our shared network, the more effective and tailored assistance we can offer to those who need our help. We will be happy to talk to you to define common interfaces and goals to collaborate with you. Contact the JUBA coordinators.

Contact the coordinators:

Or use the contact form:

How to find JUBA?


JUBA Jugendberufsagentur für die Stadt Heilbronn
Rosenbergstraße 50,
74074 Heilbronn

Anreiseskizze - JUBA

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