So many thoughts are running through your head; You need someone to talk to

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Are you under stress at home? Does nothing seem to be working out? Are you thinking about moving out, or have already moved out and no longer have an apartment? You don’t know what step to take next? Do you feel like nobody understands you? Are you being overwhelmed by your situation? Do you need someone to talk to and who will listen? Do you doubt yourself and your abilities? Let’s explore the issues that are on your mind – you will need an objective look to get back on the right track. In JUBA you can discuss all the topics concerning you. You are the central person in the youth counselling, and we will engage with you in a transparent and respectful process.

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JUBA Jugendberufsagentur für die Stadt Heilbronn
Rosenbergstraße 50,
74074 Heilbronn

Tel.: 07131 969-777

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